Three Common Types of Menstrual Cramps

Dear Reader,

Chances are, if you’re a woman, you’ve suffered from muscle cramps while on your period more times than you’d like. How do I know this? #1) I’m a woman and I have had firsthand experience suffering from them and #2) research is showing that every month up to 50 percent of women are dealing with this problem.


That’s bad.  Really bad.


What drives me absolutely bonkers is that the only “solution” we’re told there is out there is pain medications or birth control pills. What a joke!  Since when did we accept this as the only solution? Since when did we start blindly believing that there is nothing else we can do for our menstrual cramps?


Well, it’s time to change all of that. Starting now.


I’m going to share with you the “Three Common Types of Cramps” and the specific solution to each. At the end, I also have two important to questions to ask you.


Let’s get started.



Cramping Pain 1

Pain that is dull and achy, can be punctuated by sharp and distending pain in lower abdomen. It is often accompanied by breast tenderness and rib and chest pain, irritability, sadness, and increased anxiety. Menstrual flow is scant with a deep purple color with clots varying in size.


What is going on?  In Chinese Medicine we call this Qi (pronounced “chee”) and Blood Stagnation. Which means your blood and oxygen are not moving properly which causes a great deal of pain and what feels like an uncontrollable emotional .


Solution:  Specific acupuncture points can move blood and stop pain. The best part, the relief can be immediate! (Yes, it works that quickly, although it may take time to re-train your body to work properly.)




Cramping Pain 2

A constant dull pain on the sides of the abdomen that is relieved by pressure and heat.  Accompanied by a deep aching in your legs and lower back and sometimes accompanied by a strong dislike of anything cold.     


What is going on?  In Chinese Medicine we call this Cold Constricting the Uterus. Which means your uterus is literally colder than it should be. Because of that, blood vessels constrict (close) rather than dilate (open) which causes a deep, dull ache that feels like it going to last for an eternity.


Solution:  Using moxibustion and acupuncture to warm the uterus and return blood flow.  Moxibustion is an herb that is burnt above or on the skin. It warms the body up, from the inside. Like stoking a fire. It is different from the warmth of a heating pad, as it goes deep into your tissues.




Cramping Pain 3

Dull pain in the lower abdomen towards the end of menstruation. Pain accompanied with fatigue and weakness throughout the body, (limbs and brain included!)  a pale facial complexion, and loss of appetite.


What’s going on?  In Chinese medicine we call this Qi and Blood Vacuity. Which means your organs are exhausted (specifically, your Spleen and Stomach.) So much so that you have no momentum for blood flow or even making new blood. This can occur from long-term illnesses like mono or chronic digestive disorders like Crohn’s or IBS.


Solution:  Using acupuncture and dietary therapy to strengthen your digestive system, build nutrient dense blood and stop dull aching pain.



My two questions to you are….

When are you going to start acupuncture for your cramps?

And what are you going to be doing with all of the free time you have now that you no longer have pain?

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