How to Wean from Caffeine

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How to Wean from Caffeine
Many people rely on caffeine to get started in the morning or keep going in the afternoon. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, and many other products. It is generally considered safe when used in moderation. However, if you are sensitive to caffeine or take in large amounts, you may find yourself suffering from side effects including insomnia, tremors, increased blood pressure, and heart palpitations.
So how do you kick the habit? It can be tough, but if you follow these tips, you can cut down or even completely cut caffeine out of your diet.
Start slowly: Begin by gradually decreasing your caffeine intake. Drink fewer cups of coffee or skip that extra soda. Once you’ve done this successfully, go even further by switching to half-decaf coffee, tea, or diluted soda. Allow yourself at least a couple of weeks to reach your goal.
Treat side effects: Caffeine withdrawal often causes headaches and fatigue. Soothe headaches with herbs, over-the-counter remedies or acupuncture. Ease fatigue by getting plenty of rest and eating a healthy diet. Extra doses of vitamin C and potassium may be beneficial. Herbs such as ginseng may also be helpful, and remember to stay hydrated.
Take care of yourself: Treat your body well by exercising regularly for a natural energy boost. Consider adding meditation to your daily schedule to improve your concentration.
I hope you find this helpful, and remember, I am always here to help.

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Little Falls, MN:  Is the HOT weather making your pain WORSE??

Your body uses pain as an alarm to alert you to CHANGE something that you are doing or to START doing something that you are NOT doing.

Inflammation is a huge factor in many (if not all) pain disorders which is characterized as REDNESS and SWELLING…which are both signs of heat!!

Would you use heat to put out a fire?? …. OF COURSE NOT!!

Inflammatory heat becomes irritated during these hot months because of the fact that Mother Nature is basically throwing fire at your own internal fire (inflammation)!

So if you are anything like me and HATE pain, follow this insanely simple tip…it is so simple that it is mind boggling……


Keep your body cool.


This is where you START doing something that you are NOT doing…eating the right foods!

Foods have amazing power to nourish our bodies and to keep us functioning the way were designed to (flawlessly).  Add the following foods (at least some) into your meals during the summer months to help keep your insides cool and to keep your pain at bay!!


Grapefruit (best eaten in the morning, it also increases your metabolism)

Frozen Grapes (you can use them as you ‘ice cubes’ too)


Lemons ( Drink lemon water 15 minutes BEFORE breakfast to balance out the pH of your stomach which will help you digest better)


Alfalfa Sprouts (add to your salad or sandwich)

Bamboo Shoots (put into your stir fry)

Deep Greens (kale, spinach, mustard greens, beet tops)


Chicken Eggs

Crab Meat (real, not imitation)

Seaweed (I know, a little different, especially good in a sushi roll)

Salt (not just any salt!! Must be “real salt’ or Himalayan Salt, the more pink color the more minerals it contains!!)

Green Tea ( yes it is true green tea has properties that COOL you down not heat you up!  Brew yourself a cup and add some frozen grapes to make it even cooler)