Three Common Types of Menstrual Cramps

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Chances are, if you’re a woman, you’ve suffered from muscle cramps while on your period more times than you’d like. How do I know this? #1) I’m a woman and I have had firsthand experience suffering from them and #2) research is showing that every month up to 50 percent of women are dealing with this problem.


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Moving your Body after Travel

Traveling by plane is hard on your body. There is a whole lot of sitting in a tiny space. You are way up in the earth’s atmosphere traveling at a ridiculous speed and it feels like your spine and brain are being compressed and your body fluid is being evaporated!! I always feel like my body stops working properly after

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Your Stomach is More Important Than You Think!

The stomach is a simple organ from both the Western and Eastern medical perspectives. Even though it has a simple task, if it isn’t able to accomplish this task, huge problems can and will result.

Western medicine classifies the stomach as a muscular organ, located towards the left of the upper abdomen. The stomach’s job is to break down food

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